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What I've found is that most kids don't need to see me every week. And sometimes, parents just need a bit more guidance and support. So, I have created the BLENDED OT© program. Through this program, you get access to me along with an online support program called NeuroNet.

When you sign up for BLENDED OT©, here is what you get:

  • Private sessions with me one-on-one every other week
  • Access to neuronet program
  • Personalized daily activities to complete at home
  • A thorough assessment with a plan
  • Up to 16 weeks of personalized support

What I am most excited about is the Real Life benefits seen by the families, teachers and myself.   One of the things I look for and ask my families to look for is not only how the child does on the actual exercises but how are they doing in life.  While this is not a cure all I am very excited to see the permanent progress.

And rather than pay close to $2500 for working one-on-one with me for 12 weeks, you can get this blended program at half the cost where you still see me and I can support you, but we get to equip them with the right tools and resources.

Here is what clients are saying:

  • "For the first time my son asked me to read him a book."
  • "This program is so much more than computer exercises.  Nicole really understands and tweaks the program for my daughter."
  • " He is able to take out his supplies for homework with only a reminder from me."
  • "She can now take a shower all by herself."  "She seems more confident and tries to figure things out."
  • "She was able to complete an assignment on her own and get them all correct."

Overall parents are seeing great progress. I am loving it for those with executive functioning issues, fluency, lack of problem solving skills, difficulties with visual, auditory, and of course sensory and motor skills.  Basically, any child struggling to learn in school and in life can benefit.



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Benefits of NeuroNet Programs

NeuroNet is a research-based learning readiness program designed to help students develop core academic skills and become independent learners. NeuroNet exercises provide structured, sequential exercises for perceptual-motor development which lays the foundation for automating basic academic skills; e.g., handwriting, reading decoding, and math-fact retrieval. If basic academic skills of handwriting, reading decoding, and math-fact retrieval are not automated, it places greater demands on a child’s attentional-resources, which may lead to poor academic performance or behavioral and emotional problems.


Who Can Benefit

Individualized NeuroNet programs can be used to help struggling learners who have not automated basic reading, writing and math skills during early childhood.


  • Auditory processing disorders
  • Speech delay
  • Dyspraxia or apraxia of speech
  • Developmental delays
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Balance disorders
  • High-functioning autism



  • First ear infection prior to age 1 year
  • Motor behaviors: overly fearful or excessive risk-taker, clumsy, messy eater, difficulty with cutting, tying shoes, handwriting
  • History of ear infections or other respiratory illness (frequent colds or flus, pneumonia, sinusitis, asthma/allergies)
  • Persistent negative middle ear pressure (>25 daPa), especially when compliance (amplitude of movement of eardrum) is low (less than .4)
  • Acoustic reflexes, ipsilateral and/or contralateral which are absent or not well-organized relative to the onset, duration and/or offset of the stimulus tone



  • Doesn’t overhear and jump into conversations (often strikingly absent)
  • Frequently asks “what?” or needs repetition of questions and directions
  • Auditory misperceptions (hears “cookie” for “cooking”; “hoot” for “hoop” etc.)



  • Late talking
  • Articulation problem: some speech sounds still incorrect or unclear
  • Difficulty learning verbal sequences such as months of year, alphabet
  • Minimal interest in books or school literacy activities


The goal of an individualized NeuroNet program is to help your child become an independent learner. Children who complete NeuroNet programs demonstrate improvements in reading, math, and handwriting. But more than just improvements in academic skills, children develop a “can-do” attitude toward learning. Children learn to predict that they can be successful in learning.

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