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As a parent, you are your child’s most important advocate. Our goal is to help you find the help that’s right for you and your child. We guide you step-by-step until we find the answers you’re looking for together.


Step 1 – We Talk

Identifying where your child may be struggling is the first step. Miami Handwriting offers group sessions, private sessions, and blended programs. In our initial call, we’ll talk one-on-one about what areas your child needs help. During the call, we’ll determine together whether we’re a good fit for your child, and if group or individual sessions are the best choice.


Step 2 – What’s Right for My Child

The next step is your child’s handwriting assessment. Along with the assessment, your child will receive a fine motor, visual, and attention screening. (Please note that this is an assessment and not an Occupational Therapy evaluation.)


Step 3 – An OT Path to Success

After the assessment, we discuss the results and together create a plan for your child. A typical plan , includes 6-8 sessions. Sessions cover the following topics based on your child’s needs:

  • Kindergarten/Pre-K Readiness
  • Handwriting Evaluation, Instruction, and Remediation
  • Cursive Evaluation, Instruction and Remediation
  • The Print Tool Evaluation
  • Legibility Program
  • Keyboarding
  • Fine Motor Coordination


Group vs. Individual Sessions

Group sessions are scheduled throughout the month. Individual sessions can be set up at your convenience based on availability. Sessions can be scheduled at your child’s school.


“We were referred to Nicole via my son’s guidance counselor at school. My son had very cryptic writing that impacted his grades because teachers were not able to understand. We were very concerned that this would have an impact in his future grades and his ability to properly write essays for standardize test and exams. Nicole was able to assess his issue and develop a plan to improve his handwriting in over the summer.  Over five lessons, my son’s handwriting improved dramatically.  Today his teachers and classmates are extremely impressed with his handwriting. My son’s confidence has grown as he does not struggle taking notes in a timed environment.  We are very grateful for Nicole’s expertise and compassion in helping our son.”

-Father of a brilliant 15-year-old boy

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Meet the Founder
Miami Handwriting was founded by Nicole Santamaria OTR/L.  Nicole has been an occupational therapist for over 15 years with a vast experience in pediatrics and adults.  She is NDT trained with a strong foundation in development.  She is highly trained in fine motor, visual motor and handwriting skills. In addition, Nicole reaches out to the community with teacher trainings on normal development as it relates to fine motor, visual motor and handwriting skills at a variety of schools.

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