Executive Skills Training

A few years ago, I sat across a father that was devastated because psychoeducational testing had revealed that his son had executive functioning deficits.  He spoke from the heart, and his eyes teared up. His wife reached over and held his hand.  He thought this information was almost a death sentence on his sweet boy. …

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How to Teach Your Kids to be More Independent

With our kids now home all day, you may be hearing more of, “Hey, Mom, I need help!” or “Hey, Dad, can you fix this?” I’m going to show you how you should respond to teach your kids to be more independent. Watch my latest video, “Mom to the Rescue Again?”  The Real Life Executive…

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Develop Your Child’s Executive Function Skills

Have you been hearing all of the talk about executive function skills or executive skills disorder? I feel like everywhere we look, executive skills are on the tip of everybody’s tongue.  My video Develop Your Child’s Executive Function Skills is all about this topic. Keep reading to learn more! Why You Need to Develop Your Child’s Executive…

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The Team Training and the Sensory Rave.

Recently, I was lucky enough to do team training at Stop Parenting Alone.  I was invited to chat with the staff all about the sensory system and the role it plays in regulation.  That right there is quite a juicy topic. What came first the stressed emotional system or the dysregulated sensory system.  I have…

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