Develop Your Child’s Thinking and Doing Skills!

Just recently, I had to calm my fellow mama down through frustration, guilt, and blame!  Honestly, it was a lot for a relaxing Friday morning “off.” The frustration came at the school for not being in session fast enough. After some talking, the real frustration came from her darling not learning from virtual as she…

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Getting Middle School Systems for Success!

This is my third child going through middle school. I would consider myself a seasoned parent. I can look back and see where I should have spent a bit more with my older kids. Our family has many great traits. Systems and organizing are not one of them. I think it is a defect in…

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Best Tips to Develop Executive Function Skills

It seems as if executive skills are all the buzz these days. Can I tell you how I really feel? I Love It! I love that executive skills are being talked about by parents, teachers, and other professionals. Now, can I tell you why? Executive skills get better with practice. Period. Now getting started and…

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