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Don’t Forget to Get the Basics Checked!

Just a friendly reminder to get the basics checked out on your student during this very strange summer. You know, hearing and vision. Don’t be like me. This is my youngest at the eye doctor last November. His reply was “Oh wow!  I didn’t know what I wasn’t seeing.” Whaaaaaat! Yes,  apparently he had been having horrible…

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Easy Activities to Teach Proper Pencil Grip

You bought a pencil grip and your children or students are using it for everything but to write. When our children are starting to use the pencil grip we need to be aware that this is a new skill they are learning. What I want parents and teachers to know that when we are introducing…

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Getting Middle School Systems for Success!

This is my third child going through middle school. I would consider myself a seasoned parent. I can look back and see where I should have spent a bit more with my older kids. Our family has many great traits. Systems and organizing are not one of them. I think it is a defect in…

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