Getting Middle School Systems for Success!

By Nicole Santamaria OTR\L | December 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

This is my third child going through middle school. I would consider myself a seasoned parent. I can look back and see where I should have spent a bit more with my older kids. Our family has many great traits. Systems and organizing is not one of them. I think it is a defect in…

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Pre K- How to Teach Handwriting

By Nicole Santamaria OTR\L | October 27, 2017 | Comments Off on Pre K- How to Teach Handwriting
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How to Teach Handwriting in Kindergarten

By Nicole Santamaria OTR\L | September 1, 2017 | Comments Off on How to Teach Handwriting in Kindergarten
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Do you notice your child doing any of the following?
o Using an awkward grip.
o Difficulty recognizing letters
o Letter or number reversals
o Illegible writing
o Difficulty with hand dominance
o Issues with spacing between words.
o Placement of letters on lined paper
o Writing is too large or too small
o Struggling with learning

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