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Develop Your Child’s Thinking and Doing Skills!

Just recently, I had to calm my fellow mama down through frustration, guilt, and blame!  Honestly, it was a lot for a relaxing Friday morning “off.” The frustration came at the school for not being in session fast enough. After some talking, the real frustration came from her darling not learning from virtual as she…

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This secret weapon helps the families I work with reach their OT goals faster, better and for a fraction of the $.

A few months ago I did a team training at SPA all on how to use sensory strategies to give parents, teachers and related professionals another layer of knowledge to develop amazing humans.    Then we also dived into body awareness, processing speed, motor skills, executive skills and the ever-popular “What else can an OT…

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The Team Training and the Sensory Rave.

Recently, I was lucky enough to do team training at Stop Parenting Alone.  I was invited to chat with the staff all about the sensory system and the role it plays in regulation.  That right there is quite a juicy topic. What came first the stressed emotional system or the dysregulated sensory system.  I have…

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Find Out Why Your Handwriting Workbook is Not Working

Have you ever had your child complete a handwriting workbook hoping it would magically improve their writing?  You didn’t see an improvement in the handwriting but you did see the workbook got completed. What’s going on? Right?! Let’s talk about the three things that you actually need to have in order to improve your child’s…

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The “LAZY” writer and Thanksgiving Dinner

Have you ever thought your child was being super like lazy because their handwriting is a big mess?  You know that they can write better, they can write neater, they can write legibly because they have done it in the past. Right?   They’ve done it before so clearly, they’re just being lazy.  Maybe that…

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3 Gross Motor Skills Activities for Preschoolers

Did you know that gross motor skills are the foundation for your child’s development? They are responsible for posture, coordination, sustain attention, among other super important skills.  I’m sharing with you my top 3 gross motor skills activities that will help your child to develop these skills while having fun! Do you want more occupational…

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