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Should Children Learn Upper or Lowercase Letters First?

Should we teach preschoolers capital letters or lowercase letters first? This a debate I hear quite often, so in this video I’ll talk from my perspective and experience as a pediatric occupational therapist.   Here you will learn the arguments for teaching capital letters first or both at the same time. I’ll also provide you some…

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Why Learning Coloring and Scissor skills are so Important in Preschool for Handwriting Grasp

Help your preschooler to strengthen all the muscles of his hand with these 2 basics but very important fine motor activities: coloring and cutting using  scissors. These pre-writing skills are designed to prepare your children to improve pencil grasp and handwriting. In this video I’ll share with you easy coloring and scissor activities that you…

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5 Steps for Successful Preschool Writing.

Writing for Preschoolers!  Do you have a little one that’s just starting preschool (so adorable), maybe they are starting pre-K three, maybe they’re starting pre-K four? Are you worried about what the expectations are as far as writing for when they go into kindergarten?   You are not alone.  Believe it or not, writing for…

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